Isnin, 17 November 2008

Stand Together

Here we are living in this world

A journey to the end

We are servants

We bow to Allah

From Him a helping hand

We are different races

From countries far and wide

Together we can face it

Uphold what?s pure and right

We can stand and work hand in hand

Were stronger when we unite

Share the words and spread the truth

With Iman Allahs light

In our hearts cant fake it

When Allahs love embraced

Together we can make it

The world a better place

Everything in life

We can take everything in stride

Cause we live in this worldly life

Can only try

Every dream we have

We want to have the very best

But we can only face the test

For we can try

And in team we stand

And in team we can

We can make it through the day

We can help each other one another

And in team we should stay

Let us take the guidance from Allah

And Rasulullah

We can face the world

We can make it through the night


Az_liey berkata...

we are stand together...

strive for mardhatillah